Thursday, November 1, 2018

First Gen Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Alison Pischedda

NameAlison Pischedda

Job Title and Department: 
Assistant Professor in Biology

College/University attended: 
Ph.D.: University of California, Santa Barbara; BS & MS: Queen's University (Canada)

Highest degree attained and Major(s):
Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology

What campus resources or offices did you find most helpful as a student?
My other first-gen peers! We navigated the confusion together, each of us bringing and sharing new information we obtained from different sources.
At Barnard though, I would recommend talking to your advisor (I did not have a personal advisor as an undergrad, but it would have been a huge help!)

What is something you believe that all first-generation students should know about college? 
It's ok if the path you end up following/your major is different than you expected it to be! I was pre-med when I started undergrad, but quickly fell in love with evolution, genetics and animal behavior. I followed that passion all the way here to Barnard!

What is a motivational/inspiring quote that is important to you?

"Whatever you choose, just find a profession that: a) you love, and b) you can make a living off of." -- My dad, an Italian immigrant who did not love his customer service job

What's your favorite thing about working at Barnard?
Working with such bright and motivated women!

Favorite food and/or place to eat around campus I don't live in the city, so I haven't explored the area much, but I eat everything and I'm always looking for recommendations

Favorite movie
Currently Moana, because it's my 2-year-old's favorite (so I've seen it probably 20 times)

Three things on your bucket list: 1. Travel more places 2. Eat like a local while I'm there 3. Not get sick from 1&2

Unique fun fact about you
I'm SCUBA certified (I learned to dive in chilly Lake Ontario!)

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