Friday, September 13, 2019

The Writing and Speaking Centers

The Writing and Speaking Centers Open Next Week!

Both Centers will be open for appointments Tuesday, Sep. 17th through Monday, Dec. 9th. They will be closed during the following academic holidays: Friday, Nov 1 - Tuesday, Nov. 5, and Monday, Nov. 25 - Sunday, Dec. 1. 

About the Speaking Center: 
The Barnard Speaking Center aims to foster connection through dialogue, listening, and active engagement. Speaking Fellows help their peers tackle challenges such as speaking anxiety and clarifying presentations, with the belief that there is not one type of “good speech.” 

Speaking Fellows are trained to support you at any point in your growth as a public speaker: from developing presentation skills, participating in class discussions, or speaking with your professors during their office hours. Learn more about the Speaking Fellows Program at:

To make an appointment with a Speaking Fellow follow this link: 

About the Writing Center: 
Writing Fellows help students strengthen their writing in all academic disciplines. Our Program believes writing is a process and writers, no matter how accomplished, can benefit from discussing their work with an intelligent reader before revising it.

Often, the most fruitful dialogues about your writing occur with your peers, Writing Fellows are just that. They are not tutors or TAs. It is not their role to comment on the accuracy of your paper’s content, nor to grade your work. They conference with students about written assignments to help clarify, organize, and strengthen content, so that a non-expert can understand the assignment. Learn more about the Writing Fellows Program at

To make an appointment with a Speaking Fellow follow this link:

If you have any questions please direction your inquiries to speaking@barnard.ed or!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Student Voices!

Feel unheard as a first-generation/low-income student on campus? Then come to Student Voices, a focus group hosted by the Barnard FGLI Advisory Board, where you can address your needs as an FGLI student! Sign up at the links below if you are interested:

NOTE: The form will close on Saturday, April 20 and more information will be sent to you via email if you are chosen to attend.